Congratulations on Your New Sprinkler System!

Alternate Rain’s sprinkler system will help your lawn look it’s best and save you money and time.
Our goal is to provide you with information you will need to optimize the value that your sprinkler system provides to you.
Below are instructions on how best to water your new sod. Click to read or download.

Rain Sensors and Wifi Modules Help You Better Control Your Sprinkler System.

Rain Sensors are installed on the gutter. It detects when it rains and tells your sprinkler clock not to water the lawn.
WiFi Modules plug into the control clock and enable you to program your clock from your phone.
MUD offers a $75 rebate in the form of a credit on your water bill when you purchase EITHER the Rain Sensor or the WiFi Module.
Call the office for more information on either option. 402-289-4019.

For additional information on your sprinkler system, see our “Sprinkler System Info” page.
We have videos and printable PDF’s on how to start up and winterize your sprinkler system.