New Construction

Alternate Rain is your best choice for a sprinkler contractor for any new construction project. Whether you are building your new dream home or overseeing the construction of an elementary school, strip mall or football field, Alternate Rain can install a quality sprinkler system for your project. With hundreds of new residential homes and many commercial projects installed each year, we have the knowledge, skills and manpower to provide you or your company with all your sprinkler installation and service needs. From design to installation to service afterwards, Alternate Rain is the company for any new construction sprinkler installation.

One thing that sets Alternate Rain apart from other sprinkler contractors is that we install “self-draining” sprinkler systems. That means that homeowners can winterize their sprinkler system themselves with the step by step instructions that we provide for them. Other types of sprinkler systems have to be “blown out” every fall by contractors with commercial air compressors to ensure proper winterization. This is a yearly expense that homeowners with self-draining system do not incur.

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Existing Lawns

If you are interested in installing a sprinkler system in your existing lawn, you have looked to the right contractor. Alternate Rain takes pride in installing a sprinkler system with minimal damage to the existing grass. We will design your system for maximum coverage, install your system as per city codes and you will never have to drag hoses again. Contact us for a free quote!